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Tim Walker’s American

Amid a world of uncertain times it is the almighty U-S of A which is arguably perpetuating this worldly uncertainty.

Firstly, in Chicago, for the first time in 108 years, Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs emerged victorious; secondly, still in Chicago and in fact on that very same weekend, for the first time in what must be over 108 years, the Irish rugby union team beat the New Zealand All Blacks.

Soon after these outrageous events had yielded their respective outcomes the outcome of perhaps the most outrageous event, the 58th US election thus the naming of the 45th US president, became known.

If the polls leading up to the election were to be believed, as they generally are, it was to be a Clinton walkover…

The only question really was how much of a walkover.

…Then if the polls during the election were to be believed, as they were by everyone except conspiracy theorists, it was indeed going to be a Clinton walkover.

Seemed it just would not be Mrs Hillary Clinton who would be doing the walking over.

As state by state inexplicably went the way of republican candidate Donald Trump the realisation slowly sank in – as the rest of world realised something that they realised they had probably realised a long time ago – that the majority of US citizens are dirty rotten liars.

It seems that even during phone calls with telephone operators one has never met and in fact who one has little chance of ever meeting, the basic human nature of portraying oneself in the most auspicious manner still applies; particularly if one is a citizen of the American people.

Seeing nothing else for it, as though this result was the doing of one weak male and could be undone with sufficient female complaining, hordes of unhappy voters were actually protesting the result of America’s national election; crying foul, questioning the presence of democracy and such…

Having served two terms President Barack Obama is to presently abdicate his reign; according to many President Donald J Trump will pick up those reins and steer the USA into impending doom and/or gloom.

…As though the people of America have yet to realise that their so called ‘democracy’ only works properly if all involved in the aforementioned democratic association uphold their genuine stance; the fact is that of the US’s potential voting population – American citizens over the age of 18 – only around a quarter are enrolled to vote and of them, only a fraction do so…

Realistically Donald J Trump is just one more overly assertive, narcissistic, bumptious American megalomaniac who desires to rule the world.

…Meaning that what has effectively happened here is that Trump’s inflammatory ranting has captured the hearts of those many (evidently a great deal many more than we expected) redneck Americans who hitherto couldn’t have given a damn about politics but who just this once decided to flex their democratic right by voting republican…

Now with the US being the world’s drama queens there have been reports of an American exodus, also the world’s financial markets have become more unsteady than ever, and similar to Obama’s inauguration in 2009 and the ensuing outrage at the implication that a Black man should be able to rule the world, there have even been death threats made on Trump and his family.

…Donald J Trump vowed to throw Hillary Clinton in jail for deeds that most of us have since forgotten; he promised to build a wall between Mexico and the US at Mexico’s expense; he riled the world with his thoughtlessness, he enraged us with his cluelessness, he baffled us with his ignorance, he pandered to the untapped voting populous with his admittedly brilliant politics…

So now the USA has an unqualified idiot at its helm – a trigger happy lunatic xenophobe with his tremulous finger beside the nuclear trigger – but really, I mean bearing in mind the nature of politicians and all that, how often do campaign promises come true?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Happy Trigger

Photography by Hya Trump-Card