Mit Reklaw’s Truth on Uneeded but Discounted

How many people out there know somebody who lives their lives by that corporate adage, ‘The more you buy, the more you save’? Or perhaps you are one of these people..?

Need I point out the flaws in your, so-called, logic? Need I elaborate on my own logic regarding your erroneous consumer methods? Fair enough. Here I go. Example given: you visit the supermarket one pleasant day and despite boundless adherence to your list, find yourself captivated by and forced to buy a variety of other products. But why? You’re such a sensible person. ┬áProblem is, you’ve been taken in by garish packaging, bright signs and flashy labels. Unsurprising. The human brain is programmed to respond to such media and it is only our sense of ‘we know better’ or ‘we cannot afford it’, and use of rationale that enables us to exit the store without over-spending by thousands of dollars. Second example given: a flatmate returns home after a shopping trip with half the items in the bag, being products the flat already has. Asked to explain, the flatmate replies as if talking to a bunch of imbeciles, ‘Well they were on special, we saved like, thirty bucks, course I got them’. Interesting take. Discounted price notwithstanding, these items still cost money; money that the flat mightn’t have been able to afford at the time. The same applies to any flamboyant discount sign – no matter how cheap it may be, it’s never free. Whether we like to believe it or nay, advertising is a massively controlling force on our consumer lives. Brand names command us to buy now and providing they embellish it with enough bright colours and loud noises, the chances are, we will make that purchase just as quickly as we can.

Therefore, when you return from your shopping trip, having purchased twice the amount of produce; subsequently spending ten times the money allocated, it’s not that you are an ignorant shopper – it’s probably not even so much that you are easily led – it’s simply that your desire to not miss out on the best deals, is quite overpowering.

(Reckon the force of that addictive personality must be rather compelling too, yeah?)

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