Mit Reklaw’s Truth on Drug Use

Before beginning this piece, I would like to make clear that I am not a user of illicit substances; nicotine and alcohol are my current poisons of choice. Admittedly, like many, my younger years did provide an introduction to cannabis, but that was soon relinquished. Nothing more was ever sampled.

The World’s heavier, harder drugs such as cocaine, heroin, LSD, ecstasy, methamphetamine and the like, have earned an unequivocally bad reputation; occurrences relating to the aforementioned I believe, have been blown up and sensationalised by our old friend, the Media. Now, I will not for an instant claim that drugs are good – but neither will I maintain that all these drugs are as bad as they are purported to be in this particular forum. If they are illegal, obviously, they are prohibited, therefore, not to be had; but realistically, what we as the public see and hear of drugs in various news broadcasts, is not always, entirely accurate.

Granted, I am not a user; although I have had first hand experience of people who are. These are generally good people who have simply made the choice to try something different. Alcohol is a drug, but it’s legal; cocaine is a drug, but it’s illegal. In my experience, both have more or less the same affect on people; alcohol users, if anything, are more prone to violence than users of other drugs; that is, LSD, ecstasy (I have no experience with heroin) and lastly, the most vilified of them all, meth. That’s right people, I have been in the vicinity of people taking methamphetamine, and yes, I have lived to tell the tale. You see, not all meth users become hopelessly addicted to the stuff, not all users go on rampages and kill everyone in sight; not all meth users are bad people. This is a misconception built up and perpetuated by the media, then hit home by those reality Police shows on TV. We see television clips of meth users, sleepless for a week, acting as if they’ve been inhabited by the Devil; heroin users broken down, sleeping on the street in a puddle of their own faeces and urine (hell, I’ve seen drunkards like that); cocaine, ecstasy users who have lost the plot… it goes on.

So tell me this. If these people had not devoted their lives to binge drug-taking and instead, had endeavoured to fashion a life for themselves as a respected member of conformist society, how do you think they would have gone? Do you think they would have succeeded? Do you honestly think that these people, the very same people who in another time would have gone on to become rampant drug users, could in this time, go on to become upstanding family members, or pre-eminent businessmen? Exactly. You see, those reprobate drug addicts who fill television news broadcasts, then later take up the majority of that Police 10/7 show, were most likely, not blessed with the level of rational mentality or even adequate cognitive function, that you might consider normal. They were probably never going to be able to make it in the big wide world and by succumbing to drug addiction, all they have done is prove this.

So don’t be a dung beetle in sheep’s clothing by swallowing all the crap that the media tries to feed you; be objective. A dickhead will be a dickhead sober or inebriated; give him drugs, he’s still going to be more or less a dickhead. Conversely, a gentleman will be a gentleman sober or inebriated; give him drugs, he’s still going to be more or less a gentleman. Drugs don’t change who you are, they merely amplify who you are. Conclusion? Elementary. It’s not the drugs, it’s the people who take them; besides, far as I can tell, alcohol is much more to people’s detriment than most illegal drugs could be in their sleep.

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