Mit Reklaw’s Birthday Rhyme Time

Users of the following poem

Have pronounced it quite ideal,

For you see it fits right on your phone

As a salve perhaps for wounds to heal.

Or this little piece of rhyme

Could provide the perfect birthday gift,

When you are strapped of all but a dime

Simply pick up your phone and send her this.

Take from this

Your day of birth,

All the happiness

That you deserve.

Joining the world

Many years ago,

A gorgeous pearl

Watch as you grow.

A paragon among ladies

You set a blistering pace,

A high standard maybe

But necessary to the race.

So where to from here

A lesser person may ask,

The best in life is near

You might just remark.

With ?? years down

Still a lot more to come,

Like a sleuthing clown

You always find the fun.

Nights that go on all day

Days that go on all night,

In light of hedonistic ways

Still a way to go til the light.

Too much booze

Far too many smokes,

But how can one lose 

Under an invincibility cloak.

Regarding the years

Told ?? is where it stops,

With only the one to spare

Best sprint until you drop.

There’ll always be another

Ready to make the catch,

Sister to a team of brothers

You have earned all of that.

You have earned the world

And all that is found within,

Go forth now glorious pearl

Make it take it – go all in.

Nice one ??????, happy birthday.

Love, ??????? 

Now, as the author, I realise that some of the above verses might not accurately pertain to, or represent the subject of your affection; in which case, they will need to be omitted or modified. That does not bother me – the chick for whom I originally penned it was a pack-a-day smoker and a veritable booze hound. (She’s now married and with kids on the way.) Otherwise, the afore written work, depending on her name length, should equal 1000 characters. Good luck with that.


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