Tim Walker’s Heartless Gambler

Is there anything lower than cheating on one’s boy or girlfriend?

            Yes. There is. Cheating on your spouse.

Of course, this action becomes that much more despicable when the aforementioned infidelity takes place within the same year in which the pair establishes those nuptials.

I know. It sounds too ridiculous to be true. Sounds like the brainchild of a worn out team of uninspired TV writers for use on the cheesiest daytime soap opera of all time. It just sounds too…

Ignorant. Pathetic. Arrogant. Gutless. Immoral. Perfidious. Weak. Obnoxious. Unscrupulous. Thoughtless. Heartless. Callous. Spineless. Shallow, cold and wank, wank, wank, wank, wank, wank, wank, wank.

I recently visited the girl who intends to be filing for divorce just eleven months after the ‘best day of her life’. While the news didn’t come to me as a total shock – indiscretions being a feature of past relationships – the groom’s latest indiscretion left me incensed beyond comprehension.

More than anything though, it left me confused. This woman has been a big part of my life for over fourteen years. I have known him for a few. She is clever, she is funny, she is witty, she is wise; she is the most competent woman I have ever known but above all else, she is stunning. She is a blonde bombshell with a brilliant mind; he is an obsequious twat with shit for brains.

On hearing the news my first question to her was, “So, what, was he hoping to do, better … than you?”

Whatever this prime douche-bag had in mind, seemingly it involved more than one, presumably gorgeous, woman. An obvious follow-up question would therefore be: ‘Why would anyone bother entering into a marriage when the implied intention was to later destroy it?’ I considered this long and hard drawing several conclusions: at the fore of my mind was the unequivocal statement, ‘The guy’s a pillock’.

I think I already knew that.

The other conclusion referred less to this pillock’s penchant for treachery and more to his mental state. Ultimately I assessed, he is also a gambler. Similar to many gamblers the rush of losing is often more satisfying than the thrill of a win. This prick must have seen it as a game. Once married, he went out there and he gambled with the highest stakes at his disposal – human emotions.

Evidently he played the odds for a few months before stretching his bet too far – he became careless, thought he couldn’t lose.

On reflection I have to wonder if being caught out was just another part of his master plan, or if he would have allowed the cheating to go on for as long as he was able – perhaps indefinitely..?

I have to wonder furthermore about the state of his reflection, how he perceives all that’s happened..? Does he feel wronged, indignant or even, get this, cheated? I have it on authority that the subject of his adulterous affair has since been discarded, suggesting there was never the intention of taking things further than a simple, albeit prolonged, dalliance – which pisses me off all the more.

That filthy shit-bag was only ever playing. He played with the trusting, loving and sweet nature of the most wondrous woman who ever lived and for that, I have no doubt that he’ll get what’s coming.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Flyan Levtook

Photography by Arp E Cutt

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