Tim Walker’s Uncertainty

As we tentatively go along our way, as we navigate this volatile tumult known as life, are we actually expected to comprehend and to be prepared for, or better yet, to somehow pre-empt the haphazard arrangement of eventualities, all lined up to potentially befall us?

Personally? No; but nor does this mean that we must venture into the gauntlet of life unprepared…

I’m sure some idiots will claim that it’s the uncertain nature of the game – the excitement of the unknown and such – that gives life its charm. Yeah. That’s why they’re the idiots. Don’t misunderstand me, I am a big supporter of surprises and an even bigger supporter of excitement, but when it comes to the lifelong struggle of life, sometimes, it is beneficial to have prior insight into the way stuff’s going to go down.

How many times have you witnessed a situation yield an undesirable outcome then heard the people involved cursing their ‘bad luck’?

Bad luck, generally, is just another, simpler, way of saying, ‘ill preparedness’.

Of course this is not always the case; sometimes shit just happens. More often than not though, failure can be avoided with the implementation of a little forethought, a touch of organisation, and preparation. Ha. People used to mock me for my inordinate organisational skills and penchant for preparation – so who’s laughing now?

Still you guys. Right.

Also, those people who claim ‘God’s will’ to be the reason for life’s shortcomings, downfalls, mishaps or failings, need to stop looking elsewhere for someone to blame and learn to take responsibility for their own lives.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by B Smirch

Photography by Ida Yotts

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