Tim Walker’s Tinder

What a bloody joke. Apparently Tinder is ‘the latest craze in dating applications’; apparently it’s ‘a great way for hot girls to hook up with cute guys without those awkward introductions’…

It’s laughable is what it is, and for a number of reasons.

Firstly that young women are adequately low in self esteem to be lured into such a sleazy ‘dating’ network and secondly, that young men are sufficiently devoid of self regard to affiliate themselves with such a website; then there’s the fact that idiot news presenters and other PC governed figures like to refer to Tinder as a ‘dating app’, which sounds exactly like the kind of wholesome classification the developers of the site were hoping to avoid, especially given the ultimate purpose of the application is in fact to get around the tedium of dating altogether.

Admittedly, for the most part Tinder serves a purpose for the youthful and beautiful men and women of the world looking to hook up and play around with their respective counterparts but without any of the obligation associated with the typical courtship process, although to assume such a website provides any protection against, or even the most basic screening of, its users, thereby implying that its use is safer than simply standing on a street corner wearing a sign around your neck stating: ‘JUST IN IT FOR THE SEX GUYS – NO STRINGS ATTACHED’, is truly laughable.

Tinder is dangerous, this much is fact. As it expands its client base, as it continues to embolden its reputation across the Western world as the distributor of free and easy sex-in-the-palm-of-your-hand, Tinder will only become more dangerous.

It must be a favourite for sexual predators – what better way to screen for victims than from the privacy of your own home, from the convenience of your own smart phone; from the lofty position of selecting girls who are practically giving it away anyway? You see, contrary to what some of our younger generation seem to believe, the flawless face that someone sees looking back at them from an online profile, the captivating demeanour and cool temperament emanating from that screen, the wonderfully sweet and breathtakingly seductive things being conveyed, doesn’t actually have to reflect the person at the other end. All it’s likely to be is everything they know you want them to be.

Personally, meeting someone in person is the only way to meet them at all. Nothing compares to the excitement of seeing a new face as they stand smiling before you; smelling their fragrance, touching their skin – it’s so much easier to see through their web of lies when you can see their eyes.

On a related note, the fact that Tinder believes itself to be unique in the sense that it deals solely in sex rather than dating, is equally laughable. Pretty girls who know what they want have been using conventional dating sites to find strictly sexual partners for years – they’re just a little more subtle about it.

Two Tinder related deaths have been recorded in the past while. In my opinion, this is only the beginning. Too many beautiful young women are making it too easy for lecherous old men to exploit their weaknesses.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by B Kear Fell

Photography by Sax Shull Prod-Ata

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