Tim Walker’s Novel Update

Who would have thunk it? On conclusion of my 33rd day writing, the initial draft came in at a smidgen less than 72,000 words. That is a little light on word count admittedly, but I can tell you exactly why that happened.

When my brain conceived the storyline for the aforementioned novel, it seemed in my head to be a tale of such inordinate length that when I regurgitated the idea via my QWERTY-board, I was perhaps guilty of breezing through some areas thus curtailing the story and also, I believe, inadvertently omitting much of the necessary description/explanation.

Either way, right now, as it is the book is spectacular. The edit will commence tomorrow and although its current length of 72,000 is fine, many words will undoubtedly be added through the correction process.

Meantime, enjoy my diminutive weekly chapters.

Nice one.

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