Tim Walker’s Greasy

Interesting that at a time where half the nation is busy deriding the New Zealand Government for not providing adequate job opportunities, a similar or perhaps the same group of querulous onlookers is doing what it can to stymie production of oil exploration off the coast of the aforementioned nation.

The fact is that if oil is discovered in any sort of quantity in or around New Zealand, the requirement for employment across all related fields – which are many – will become immediately abundant; yet it seems the nation’s unemployed would rather spend their valuable time on the streets protesting about all thing progress, despite the reality that these progressions could well be the solution to their vocational woes.

I don’t know who it was that ever maintained protesting was a viable form of employment but they ought to be shot. It seems that while the genuine workforce is busy being productive, the unemployed would rather take to the streets to voice their objections, grievances and respective hardships; irrespective of the glaringly counterproductive or contradictory nature of these complaints.

Go figure.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Con Trey-Dikshun

Photography by Black Gold Productions

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