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Much as the rest of the world claim to detest illicit drugs, in Indonesia they’re setting the example – they truly abhor the stuff.

Believe me, I did all I could to avoid broaching this topic but there’s just been so much about it and I’ve been getting so riled hearing the people involved claiming redemption; the families claiming absolution and all that good stuff when really there’s only one point that requires address.

A group of people smuggled drugs into a country where the punishment for such an act is, unequivocally, death.

Sure, it was a long time ago, they’ve already done ten years’ in prison for the crime and now, many people have been pushing for clemency, maintaining the death penalty is too great a punishment for the mere act of pervading illicit substances…

Indonesia doesn’t like drugs. Indonesia wants nothing to do with drugs. Indonesia’s method of ensuring that drugs stay far from its people is to enforce a death penalty. That makes a lot of sense. It’s their land; it’s their law and harsh as it may seem to some, it’s seems to be effective.

In order to be free from the plight of imported drugs a nation needs to offer such a deterrent to potential smugglers that they are simply too scared by the consequences of being caught to do it – in fact if other lands followed the Indonesian lead I reckon the world could not only eradicate illegal drug smuggling but prisons around the world wouldn’t be so bloody overrun with drug-running piss-ants.

Enough said.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Terry Clark

Photography by Mr Asia

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