Tim Walker’s Reduction

Seemingly New Zealanders are spending less time incapacitated as a result of carnage on our roads.

From the evidence I have seen it’s the logical assertion to make: fewer people suffering motor vehicle injuries hence less support required from ACC therefore, as I have it, come July 2015, the cost of car licensing renewal is to be reduced by around forty percent.

Approximately ten cents in every litre of fuel is also ACC levy, and it looks as though that’s to be abolished/cut too.

Word is this impending reduction has been made possible through the ACC’s finally ‘catching up’; which is to say, funding of historic motor vehicle incident claims as well as those projected for the year to come, has been supposedly covered.

Typical of Murphy’s Law though my own car licence renewal comes up in June, meaning I won’t be eligible to partake in these joyous tax cuts until next time around.

Nice one.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Tex Cutt

Photography by Sods Law


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