Tim Walker’s Mother

Sunday is the one day a year when it’s OK to admit that you love your mum.

Seems a little odd, dedicating just one day in each year to honouring our mothers, but according to the dictators of all things celebratory, that’s all we’re allowed to do.

It’s apparently all they deserve for their tireless hours of dedication ensuring that children are kept under control, ensuring that adults follow a similar line of authority; ensuring that the world, that our world, that everybody’s world remains functional, prosperous and ultimately, that life runs smoothly for all involved – by which I mean everyone.

One day a year. Alright. Yeah. Seems fair.

Well, they do get birthdays as well though, so, you know, it’s really like two days…

Yeah, but if they’re anything like my mother, they’d rather not acknowledge their birthday at all.

So what’s she complaining about then?

She’s not complaining; she never complains – about anything.


Well, instead of being bound by the convention which stipulates that motherly worship must be restricted to just the one day annually, why not mix it up?

Like, how?

Happy Mum’s Day, Mum.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Olive U Mom

Photography by Ali Yeer-Long


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