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Of all the controversy incited over the years by so called right wing blogger, confirmed mouth-breathing, bottom-feeding, cretinous creature, Cameron Slater, his recent attempt to contract a computer hacker to commit illicit deeds is up there with the best of it.

This outspoken pillock who has become something of a cult figure in New Zealand for his ability to make outlandish claims about people he’s never met while hurling around his misdirected and sometimes erroneous abuse from the safety of his computer screen; also for the ability to publish on his website hurtful and often scurrilous content which in many cases does nothing more than reveal this slothful blob of repulsion as the gutlessly greasy piece of Whaleoil scum that he truly is.

This piss poor excuse for a man first became known to me when, in the hours following a Greymouth car crash which left a 26-year-old backseat passenger dead, Mr Slater was seen to publish an article under the heading: ‘Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour’…

Supposedly he’s a political blogger, apparently right wing orientated, reportedly he’s a National supporter; yet all I ever hear is how this shit-bag’s underhanded tactics have resulted in someone else being dragged through the mud of public opinion.

…To refer to any deceased person in any part of the country in any kind of derogatory manner is nothing short of brainless, although according to shit-for-brains Slater it didn’t really matter – it was only Greymouth. Granted, his intention is to write ‘provocative’ content but slagging off the dead – dude, really..?

The man is a disease. Watching Jesse Ryder twice beat him in the boxing ring was nice although, admittedly, in either fight I recall being at a loss as to who I should be backing – in my opinion each man is as big a douche-bag as the other – so no. It’s about time somebody played that dick-wad at his own game and spread some shit over his big flabby face. Word is he began his ‘blogging’ career years ago as a way to remedy his own crippling depression. Yeah, nice one. Therefore now, instead of him being depressed, he simply causes the depression of others with his tactless writing.

Here you go, Cameron. Let’s even the stakes. You sir, are nothing but a disgusting, fat, vile, slovenly, vomit-inducing, bile-rendering, pathetically repelling, useless piece of septic waste.

Oh and, I hear death threats aren’t beneath you either so: the sooner you…

Come on. Really. Could anyone be that much of a shithead?

Huh, apparently so.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Shay Ted

Photography by I Ron-Ich

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