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Reckon I must be the only person over the age of twelve who still regularly drinks Milo.

Had one yesterday. Let me tell you, I was aghast. There was absolutely no difference in flavour to how it always tastes. Now, this might be on account of the fact that the Milo I used was scooped from a two kilogram tin of the stuff purchased several years earlier, I don’t know.

Lecretia Seales is dead. She died a few days back of ‘natural causes’ – in other words, she was given a larger dose of morphine than her heart could handle. That’s beautiful. All she really wanted to do was make a statement, and she did just that. The problem remains, the legislation of assisted death/suicide still appears on course to be denied, which is bollocks, so I don’t know.

As New Zealand citizens we ought to be so proud of our children – the precocious scamps are embarking on life so young these days. Girls are now having babies at fifteen, boys having sex at fourteen and the most impressive thing, we’re producing murderers by fourteen and, yes, even thirteen years’ old. Spectacular. Kiwis ought to be so proud of that one I think. I don’t know.

Navy ships continue to ‘rescue’ buttloads of – sorry, boatloads of illegal immigrants off the coast of Libya and offer the stricken souls refuge in Europe, further promoting the act of immigrant trafficking thereby rendering the description ‘illegal immigration’ something of a misnomer I think. I don’t know.

A digger driver has been buried by a landslide at a Waikari lime quarry, reigniting talk of increasing workplace safety for workers of dangerous occupations. Here’s the thing about that though: in order for those so called, dangerous occupations – forestry workers, miners, quarry workers etc – to be free from their sinister tag of death they would need to employ maybe twice the staff to perform tasks at perhaps half the speed and the entire operation would therefore become unproductive. That is why not everything can viably meet OSH approval, so I don’t know.

Some career choices are deadly. On that note, Jerry Collins’ recent death shocked the world. Fair enough, he was a great man and an even better All Black.

That much I do know.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Noah Thyme

Photography by Tua Mitch


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