Tim Walker’s Subway

I first became acquainted with Jared Fogle around ten years ago.

He was a frightfully large character and had this unholy fetish for eating Subway sandwiches. Sadly I lost contact with the man some years later, after hearing that his corpulent physique had been reduced to an unsightly excess of flabby skin and associated nappy-rash.

Some years after that I hear his Subway sandwich eating fetish has degenerated into something decidedly less innocuous.

This once exceedingly large then extremely flabby but still just a little overweight and always sexually ambiguous man, for some reason has taken his life of Subway fame down the much more sinister path of, allegedly, receiving and distributing child pornography.

Mr Fogle has yet to be officially charged with anything although raids on his home took place in Zionsville, Indianapolis yesterday.

For any to man to allegedly receive and distribute child pornography is an unthinkable act but Jared Fogle, the face of Subway?

I will never look at another foot-long the same way again.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Fry T Fell

Photography by Flip N Sea

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