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Interesting how a particular culture’s apparent ‘rites’ or ‘customs’ can result in liberties that would seem wrong or even illegal to the rest of us.

One instance that immediately pops into mind is the old favourite ‘All Blacks’ – who else but the national sports team of a nation which prides itself on all things equality could get away with proudly labelling itself with a title that, according to some groups around the world, would come perilously close to being labelled ‘racism’?

More recently though was the rugby match played between New Zealand and Samoa which was celebrated by both nations. Many in NZ took time off work to watch it in a pub or bar; many in Samoa did the same…

Sorry, they did almost the same. This is where the Samoan culture of ‘share and share alike’ doesn’t quite line up with the laws of the land.

…In an act that must be considered tantamount to purchasing a 24 pack of Coke from the Warehouse for $18 then selling the cans individually at a 150 percent mark-up, a large number of Samoan locals were said to be congregating around the same television to view live coverage of the game – through a Sky decoder paid for by one of the attendees.

In Sky Television’s opinion this is blatant theft. In the opinion of most other people around the globe this could be considered television piracy; the very same act that has been condemned by broadcasting corporations around the world.

In Samoa though it doesn’t matter so much; they’re just being friendly.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Osama Samoa

Photography by Skye Pire Rate

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