Tim Walker’s Theory III

The question of life on other planets has to be among the most debated in the world – in our world.

Look at the facts: planet Earth languishes amid a Universe so vast that nobody can adequately explain just how big it is, let alone reach its perimeters. Within that ‘infinite’ Universe is Earth’s Solar System which comprises nine planets, including Pluto. These nine planets all orbit one sun, our sun; the Sun. The Sun is a big flaming ball of largely hydrogen gas with some helium, held together by its own gravity.

Alright, now consider the following: our Universe, as we know it, contains millions of suns. Look to the Milky Way at night time, you’ll see millions of suns. Each of these suns, potentially, has its own Solar System. Of these millions of suns with their potentially millions of Solar Systems therefore, it is unreasonable to postulate that none of those planets have evolved conditions conducive to the nurturing of life.

The one key element that sets Earth apart from other suitably heated planets is that Earth comes complete with its very own oxygen-rich atmosphere. The reason for this oxygen-rich atmosphere is abundant, oxygen-producing plant-life. The reason for abundant plant life is soil and, primarily, water. The reason for water is hydrogen and two oxygens but hang on, I just said the reason for oxygen was plants and you can’t have plants without water but without water you can’t have plants…


…The only way therefore for life to exist is if water already exists. Water is unequivocally the key to life.

Scientists recently discovered another planet which keeps a similar temperature, is a similar size and orbit pattern to our own and were talking about the possibility of using it to harbour life, I guess, once we’ve killed our own planet, but I saw a picture of this planet – it looks already dead.

Even so, good to see there’s a contingency plan.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Fritch Water

Photography by Dud Planet



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