Tim Walker’s Coconut

Former State of Origin league legend Billy Moore has come under a shit-storm for referring to New Zealand’s Warriors as having a ‘coconut’ style of play.

As one would imagine, this comment caused uproar on social media sites across Australasia.

I can’t imagine it actually offended anybody, least of all the Polynesian sector of NZ to whom the title referred, yet in this modern world where it has become so very easy to vent distaste over anything harbouring even the projected potential for Political In-correctness, many dick-headed people are tending to do just that.

Alright folks, here’s my decidedly distasteful opinion on the matter: the majority of people across the world have become such slaves to the term ‘Political Correctness’ it is my wholehearted belief they have forgotten what genuine affront feels like. The world has become such a padded little area of social awareness that these people no longer seem to wait to actually be insulted before complaining, oh no, they carefully observe the actions taken or words spoken by television or radio personalities in the hope of picking up on those areas where somebody is perhaps doing or maybe saying something that they know could potentially in particular circumstances lead to their being insulted; that’s when they kick up their stink.

The world seems to have developed a set of rules that should apparently dictate etiquette. The problem is that many of these ‘rules’ are largely illogical and utterly ridiculous, yet if somebody breaks them somebody else is quick to ‘force’ an apology, which is equally ridiculous.

For example, that forbidden ‘N word’ is everywhere at the moment; so much so in fact that even Barack Obama was even heard using it. Of course this caused massive ‘offence’ across America. Forget the fact that Black and White folk alike use this word among friends as a term of endearment…

The ‘rules’ regarding ‘etiquette’ surrounding ‘racism’ are some of most asinine parts of life ever developed. Focus needs to be shifted; priorities need to be sought.

…I think truly offensive is the fact that Auckland dairy owner Arun Kumar’s killer has been handed down a mere six year manslaughter sentence, along with the recommendation that the teenage boy never see the inside of an adult prison cell lest it disturb his innocence.

Hah. Does the name Tony Robertson ring any bells? A judge took pity on the innocence of that teenage rapist and look what happened.

Now that’s offensive.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Way Cop

Photography by Gat Reel

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