Tim Walker’s Protesting III

Those oxymoronic protesters are at it again – unsettling the lives of innocent bystanders just to have their own selfish opinions heard.

They chose a Saturday this time to vent their collective displeasure at the nation – on a topic which I refuse to name lest those pillocks gain further publicity on the matter – I guess so there wasn’t any conflict between protesters and the scintillating careers they all hold down…

The most frustrating thing about a throng of idiot idealists running around a Christchurch shopping mall with their homemade banners and their ‘I know better than the nation’s qualified Government figures so you better shut the hell up and listen to me or else’ dispositions, was that I could guarantee a large number of them had little to no understanding of the issue they were even protesting.

…Half these people it appeared, had simply jumped on board the acrimony bandwagon brandishing flashy mottos, half-arsed catchphrases and the like, screaming about putting an end to something that has for years been a vital part of the nation’s existence but on account of it only recently becoming a feature of the public eye, is now seen by those people with limited understanding of everything modern world, as being tantamount to the Devil’s work.

I saw one of the silly women involved, possibly the protesting ringleader, complaining about “…the obnoxious New Zealand Government…”, “…the obnoxious Christchurch weather…”; obnoxious this and obnoxious that as though it was the world’s fault that stick she had firmly shoved up her arse was so uncomfortable – all while her and her team of suggestible cronies held up traffic, disrupted people’s plans and made general nuisances of themselves, in a genuinely obnoxious fashion.

They claim it was a ‘Peaceful Protest’. Hah; like I said, oxymoronic. I wonder how peaceful it was for the lives of the unrelated motorists they drew into their immature little game and made late for important appointments; how peaceful it was for every other unrelated life rendered a shambles that day because one group of moronic grown-ups wanted to throw a tantrum about something of which they had little comprehension in the first place.

These people need to understand that their consternation does not warrant a nationwide uproar.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Grough Upp

Photography by T Anne-Trim

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