Tim Walker’s Odds

How very refreshing it is to see someone with the courage to take on New Zealand’s almighty All Blacks.

This Kiwi reportedly wagered $130 thousand on the All Blacks to not win the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

As one might expect New Zealand’s rugby fraternity is in uproar that someone – a New Zealand citizen no less – could show such an audacious display of treachery towards our beloved all Blacks.

Personally, not a bad bet; not a silly bet at all. At odds of $1.55, should this punter win his gamble he stands to make over $70 thousand…

Should he lose the bet, of course, he’ll lose his $130 grand stake but realistically, what are the chances of New Zealand taking back to back World Cup victories – a feat no team has before achieved – and winning away from home this time?

…Therefore, given the vast opportunity for an All Black failure – quarter finals, semi finals then potentially, the final – I actually think the odds ought to be shorter.

This fine gambling man clearly has the money to lose and if it were me, in a similar situation, you can damn sure I’d take the bet.

Mind you, since 2005 I’ve taken a $20 bet on the Warriors each year to win the NRL; how do you reckon that’s paying off?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Aud A Chist

Photography by Gum Blair

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