Tim Walker’s Aggravated

Pretenders frontwoman, Chrissie Hynde, has caused outrage by asserting that some female rape victims are responsible for the actions forced upon them.

Ms Hynde maintains that the scanty manner in which some woman dress, along with the provocative manner in which they behave, is sometimes responsible for the sexual assaults which befall them.

Obviously these remarks have been met with uproar by woman’s rights advocates.

Chrissie Hynde, 63 – a rape victim herself – simply had the courage to verbalise what many woman of the older generation are undoubtedly thinking but because this is such a sensitive topic, of course, to speak candidly about it is strictly forbidden.

It may be a truth, but it’s a truth that no one is quite willing to accept.

Sexual assault is a horrific crime, yet it seems to me that in these modern times where the reminder of sex is everywhere, attractive women can perhaps do something towards avoiding the potential of sexual assault; as Chrissie Hynde put it, “I’m walking around in my underwear and I’m drunk, who else’s fault can it be?”

On that note I’ve heard multiple stories of Christchurch girls who, following a big night out that even they struggle to recall, claim to have had sex forced upon them; dressed to seduce, attempting to arouse, hoping to provoke – I’ve seen the kinds of girls who make these claims and I have little sympathy for them.

What certainly wasn’t of his own doing though, was Woolston liquor store worker, Gursharan Singh, who had five bottles of spirits broken over his head by a pack of idiot teenagers trying to rob the place. These reprobates were eventually caught by police and are now before the courts on the charge of ‘aggravated robbery’.

Seriously, those idiots smashed five spirits bottles over a man’s head and all they get is aggravated robbery..?

Try attempted bloody murder.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Drah Stu Imp-Russ

Photography by James Beam Buttle

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