Tim Walker’s Protesting V

Auckland protesters have taken another personal day to complain about the fact that New Zealand’s National Government is not doing enough for its impoverished.

This begs the question: what exactly should John Key and his moderately paid team of Government lackeys be doing – handing out stronger work ethics?

Employment is out there for those who want it; the problem is that many feel they are above stocking supermarket shelves or scrubbing toilet floors at minimum wage but the reality is, it’s paid work and even minimum wage pays better than the dole.

Is it our Prime Minister’s responsibility to then ensure that welfare cheques are reserved for necessities rather than luxuries, or that starving children are nourished before obese cousins?

No, it’s not: the issue here, indeed one would assume the reason these people are bitching and moaning so, is that, as everybody already knows, the cost of living, in Auckland at least, is too high…

It is therefore the incumbent Government’s duty to ensure that inflation – which ironically is controlled largely by the monetary aggregate of hire-purchase, credit card and in general, debt across the nation, of which Auckland’s destitute control a large portion – does not get out of control; of course the reason these people cannot afford to repay said debt relates directly to the fact that they do in fact comprise New Zealand’s impoverished, but then they wouldn’t be so impoverished if the cost of living wasn’t so damned exorbitant in the first place so, you know, I don’t know.

…The logical solution in this case would be to move – to anywhere but Auckland – but for some, for some reason, this is not an option.

Curious given that, in Invercargill at least, houses cost under a quarter of what they do up there, and the supermarkets are always hiring.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Kerr U Lass

Photography by Ach Linder


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