Tim Walker’s Friday VI

It’s been a big week.

After successfully re-establishing my Internet connection in the weekend a hectic Monday ensued before seamlessly merging into a moderately paced Tuesday, where I was then able to reinvigorate at jiu-jitsu class that night.

Alas Wednesday’s trip to town with Grandma sapped me of much of that vigour then Thursday night’s class – last night – despite coming away with the makings of a black eye courtesy of a novice’s flailing elbow and a bloody nose thanks to a veteran’s errant knee, largely re-instilled that zest. Today though, stiff and achy as my body feels and probably, as beaten up as I do appear, I am excited about Saturday.

With a fortnightly plasma donation later this morning, tomorrow is to be my first ever jiu-jitsu grading day. After fewer than twelve months at the sport I don’t expect to make any significant leaps although I am keen to learn how my progress – if at all – is being perceived by those with the vision…

Oh and also, I’ve been spending the week accustoming myself to a new eyewear prescription which, visually, is tantamount to mild inebriation.

…I’ve never in the past done anything jiu-jitsu related on a Saturday, and in fact the reason my apheresis donation day is always Friday is so I am generally free from physical exertion thereafter but yeah, I dunno, we’ll see how it goes; I don’t think anyone will notice my bodily fluids are 750 millilitres depleted.

I’m just glad it’s Friday.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Ley King

Photography by Bodie Frueds

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