Tim Walker’s Friday VII

Gosh that last Theory, Theory XXVI I think it was, was written amid a terrible lot of anger; today though, Friday, there is simply no excuse for anybody to be harbouring mal-contentment of any nature.

The thing is I frequently write vicious posts (Raw being the one that immediately comes to mind) but ordinarily I decide they are not fit for human consumption and either delete them on the spot or stash them away in some deep dark cache where nobody will ever stumble upon their ugliness…

Today being Friday thus the end of the working week (for most; although as I glance around I realise that number is becoming increasingly few), the time for anxiety has passed, the time for bearing grudges – particularly against massive corporations for their continual lack of regard towards customers along with periodic price increases because apparently the cost of Broadband keeps rising while their ability to deliver it with any sort of competency never does then of course they like to mark up that expense by a few and pass it directly on to their consumers to ensure aggravation remains a freshly sliced wound – has fallen behind us also so we must relinquish for now, to be no doubt picked up again Monday.

…Sometimes though, depending what persona I happen to be channelling I mean, I do delve into that drab little world of enmity where I usually emerge followed by some seething mess of emotion which, while at the time of my writing may indeed have been cathartic now has little purpose other than to possibly try and possess/inhabit me while I rest and while it’s still lively, ultimately I am aware will do no one any good.

Friday is perhaps the best day of the week to take advantage of that infernal daylight saving thing (does southern New Zealand really need daylight until 11pm every night of the week?), and experience the joy of a nice cool scotch in the sun (which admittedly was a lot more joyous when cigarettes were part of the game, but is still joyful nonetheless).

Shit I’m just glad it’s Friday.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Tylcho Pruff-Eiders

Photography by Ali D Sami



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