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Olympic athlete Nick Willis is being ‘praised’ for his ‘public confession’ after posting via Facebook his admission of past ‘pornography addiction’.

According to Willis he is currently ‘two and a half years pornography-free’; according to the greater New Zealand public he ought to be celebrated for overcoming such a ‘vicious addiction’…

I’m wondering, when did the act of enjoying pornography to the extent that one ends up spending much longer than one would deem ideal sitting in front of a computer screen with a transfixed expression of vacuous arousal plastered all over one’s face become an addiction?

…According to one such person, Willis should be ‘given a medal’ for coming forward and ‘speaking about’ such a ‘taboo subject’ that ‘everyone does’ but ‘nobody talks about’.

Willis claims that since he has ‘come out’ he would like to be able to ‘help others’ overcome their ‘compelling addictions’, too.

Seriously? Pornography addiction, really? Seems as though this might be one of those things that ‘professionals’ like to slip under that cloak of make believe along with sex addiction – all consuming, mightily enjoyable, socially unacceptable, yet ultimately harmless.

So answer me this: how many busy people – people who get up early and who arrive home late – ever succumbed to your so called bloody pornography addiction? Conversely, how many people with too much time on their hands – those who essentially make their own routines and who can practically take free time as they please – end up suffering from this very issue?

Take away the spare time and suddenly there is no way to continue the addiction.

It’s like I’ve always said: addiction is simply the act of liking, or enjoying something too much; in most cases the only compulsion is the one that you develop in your own mind.

In fairness though, while the novelty long ago wore off for me, I can see how so many people do still like pornography too much.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Nick S Willy

Photography by Dick Ted

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