Tim Walker’s Fustigator III


I am seen to take a variety of forms yet all are ultimately the same thing.

I am a challenge to obtain and people are often reluctant to let me go.

I am said to have an uplifting odour yet to ingest me would be unpleasant.

I am a most sought after prize yet am the cause of much unhappiness.

I like to be kept secure yet am renowned for inspiring foolishness.

I am most important yet most avoid talking about me.

I am a great traveller yet I seldom see the sights.

I am under Government command yet am often complicit in illicit acts.

I was more commonly seen twenty years ago than I am today.

I am a compelling force yet have no physical strength.

I can display a multitude of colours but my biggest is red.

I am born in a place with the same name as an aromatic herb.

I contain no blood yet my travels are known as circulation.

I have a name which begins similarly to the right now or kind of a grape.








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