Tim Walker’s Fustigator VIII


I am extremely helpful yet rather weak.

I am adept at cartage yet underperform when overloaded.

I am usually of a convivial façade yet it depends who has me.

I am used by many and abused by some.

I am a valuable assistant yet cheapened through mass production.

I am robust enough yet will crack under pressure.

I am proud of my name even though it sounds like a curse.

I am a kind of hat yet I would look silly resting on one’s head.

I am beholden to take what I am given yet sometimes I drop it.

I am the inspiration behind a list yet would rather compile soil.

I am not good with hot ashes yet perfect for when they are cool.

I am aware that should I form a hole one dear lady will fix it.

I am a tool to the living yet a metaphor to kick when dead.








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