Tim Walker’s Homeless

I am in total disagreement with those who believe that New Zealand’s homeless ought to be the recipients of Government aid.

Prime Minister John Key is often the target of censure regarding his unwillingness to help those who, in many cases, are just not willing to help themselves.

The fact is that many – not all, but many – homeless folk are homeless because they are simply not willing or indeed not capable of managing the responsibility that comes with having a home; alternatively many more are homeless because, while they might have in the past had a home, through gambling, drug or alcohol abuse have since forgone that ownership.

Although the former is a choice while the latter is most assuredly not, personally, neither of the aforementioned groups should be the recipient of Government anything – except maybe taxes which, as homeless folk presumably earning some sort of wage from begging, they will undoubtedly be avoiding.

I have no sympathy for the above varieties of homeless person in New Zealand…

Years ago I gave a two dollar coin to an ebullient homeless drunk in a tweed suit, after watching him on a busy Auckland footpath approach countless pedestrians with a beaming grin, only to be turned away with disdain; of course I took pity on this puny character and gave him what I could.

It wasn’t until later, once the naive maudlin had passed, did I give my actions some thought.

…Seemingly destitute yet with enough money to drink himself senseless; apparently living rough yet not so rough as to be unable to appear tidily dressed – added to that is the lucrative nature of begging for money on city streets which has been abundantly broadcast.

Many homeless folk don’t care to include themselves in our game of life – the game the rest of us play to ensure our basic liberties are provided – while leeching off the very prosperity of those players.

I understand that homelessness to some is unavoidable thus very much unwanted, and to those people, I am sorry for your plight; that said, the reason that you have been rendered homeless, in a land as ostensibly forgiving as New Zealand, indicates that something is seriously awry.

Help yourself and others will help you – that is guaranteed.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Hume Lace

Photography by Halpy Self


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