Tim Walker’s Fustigator XV


I am better than dirt yet not nearly as good as concrete.

I am heavy for my size yet comprise no fat.

I am often smooth yet can still injure with competency.

I am sometimes rough yet would still make a fine pet.

I am employed in the resurfacing of infrastructure yet pay no tax.

I am from a place that is the pits yet will stay wherever I am put.

I am known in collective form as adult chickenpox yet I am immune.

I am used in a past washing process yet denim has since moved on.

I am known in past tense as an affect of cannabis yet do not smoke.

I am larger than that Flintstone baby yet smaller than the best music.

I am a fate which sometimes befalls crows in clean Australian operas.

I am not to be thrown inside a glasshouse yet outside still break glass.








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