Tim Walker’s Fustigator XVII


I am a 1911 year old Chinese design yet am not the oldest Chinaman.

I am thinner than most yet still I am not the oldest Chinaman.

I am known for my communicative ability yet not for speaking out.

I am less abundant now than before yet I still have my place.

I am responsible for ending quarrels yet am also known to start them.

I am quick to fold under pressure yet I can then shelter within myself.

I am descended from the ancient product of beating flat animal skins.

I am often crumpled or torn yet will always get my message across.

I am sometimes said to have dog ears yet do not have a dog nose.

I am an adept fire starter yet do not consider myself lawless.

I am well known in legal circles yet am more of a square.

I am frequently desecrated yet that is my ultimate purpose.

I am named like a poor man yet without any help from you.








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