Tim Walker’s Fustigator XVIII


I am frequently a pronoun yet am not always professional.

I am short in the name yet typically long in the tongue.

I am known for stoic pretence yet can be more akin to a pansy.

I am hunter-gatherer of the land yet do not always manage to pray.

I am hunter-gatherer of sea yet not always the bearer of muscles.

I am a failure of the multitask yet claim more proficiency than she.

I am the suffix of many titles even when they scarcely concern me.

I am named like the last part of the collective name for myself.

I am believed to be the alpha yet my own spelling is often lacking.

I am good at being forward yet behind me is always a good woman.

I am the first mammal to wear pants yet the fly came much earlier.

I am similar to a young boy yet I am much older than he.








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