Tim Walker’s Brexit

Britain’s exit from the European Union, a little over 24 hours on, is still having a monumental effect on the rest of the world.

Firstly Britain’s economy collapsed; the value of their dollar dropped to record levels resulting in a flood of international opportunists buying into the typically almighty GBP.

Secondly Britain’s major trading partners’ economies began to fall; this diminutive nation illustrated in the coming hours that despite not being as grandiose or as conceited as the US or as vast and overpopulated as India, or as industrious thus as detrimental to the world’s eco-system as China, Brits still carry their share of influence over the world.

Thirdly David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister of Great Britain…

Similar to New Zealand’s flag referendum where the majority of Kiwis voted against upgrading the flag to a more relevant design purely to spite Prime Minister John Key, half of David Cameron’s nation of ‘loyal supporters’ seem to have taken a decidedly damaging course of action simply for the opportunity to become dissidents.

…The above took place in the space of a few hours and according to a number of financial experts, they never predicted anything like this; of course this kind of Government unsettlement or indeed financial instability is generally followed by public panic and assuredly, Brexit is to be no different…

Britain’s vote to extricate itself from the EU was the finest example of democracy I have ever seen; one of the most pivotal movements this nation has ever had to make and the vote carried by 52% – 48%..? In other words half of all British folk are now indignant which, when your nation’s people are already renowned as whingers, is a less than superb way to go forth.

…Along with much of the first world England didn’t ever truly recover from the 2008 recession and now they’re having to face up to this bedlam; one might say that panic is a reasonable emotion to be feeling.

Whether it’s the United Kingdom, Great Britain or just England, this band of historical colonists effectively domesticated the planet; hard to believe they might be the first to fall from civilisation.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Chuck D Syscion

Photography by Wynn Gin Pome


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