Tim Walker’s Crime

New Zealand’s 2016 crime rate is up almost 15 percent on the previous year and it’s that bloody National Government who is to blame.

Obviously, it’s the Government’s fault such a large percentage of Kiwi’s are delinquent reprobates; it’s the Government’s fault kids are growing up in broken families with parents who regularly beat them thus perpetuate the notion that violence is the answer and that respect for your fellow man is overrated…

Realistically, I mean other than increasing the New Zealand Police Force with the intention of coddling the population in every way imaginable yet stopping short of making sure they go to bed on time, there is not a great deal the Government can do about the questionable actions of a few idiots because ultimately, people will act as they please.

…But it’s the Government’s fault that Kiwi kids are leaving school before the age of 16 without any direction, qualifications, parental guidance or support of any kind, then turning to gang life for that feeling of acceptance; reinforcing the belief, the stereotype, that familial hardship is synonymous with a life of crime and that lawlessness is an acceptable way to live….

Much as New Zealand’s Opposition like to ridicule John Key and the National party, they must surely understand that petty crimes such as home invasion are committed generally by the kinds of people who don’t respond to Government direction, and in fact who do what they can to distance themselves from authority figures, meaning the better way to get through to this variety of New Zealander is much more likely to be with the parental, rather than political, touch.

…Still, it must be the Government’s fault that Police aren’t preventing, or hopefully stopping, this kind of illicit behaviour..?

The New Zealand Police – between sorting out incidents of alcohol and drug-fuelled violence and cleaning up the damage that this causes, along with patrolling New Zealand’s roads for those alcohol and drug-addled idiots who have yet to cause he incidents – given that they are obliged to treat criminals in the same fashion they treat the rest of us law-abiding folk, do an outstanding job of maintaining order.

How is it the New Zealand Government’s fault that the majority of modern families are made up of divorced parents?

How is it the New Zealand Government’s fault that some of these parents introduce their children to drugs and alcohol from an early age?

How is it the New Zealand Government’s fault that domestic violence is a common occurrence among families today?

How is it the Government’s fault that many of the parents raising our next generation of children are unfit to own pets, let alone to raise those youth into the fine young men and women who will be charged with taking New Zealand into the future?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Rip Scallian

Photography by Riga Muffin


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