Tim Walker’s Voter

The New Zealand population contains a moderate number of brilliant Kiwi minds who believe that convincing every citizen to vote in the upcoming election is in the nation’s best interests.

These apparently brilliant minds must not have realised that New Zealand also contains a moderate number of drop-kicks who, along with having no idea to which party their vote should best be assigned, if they were to vote the aforementioned act would likely be initiated by some kind of ill-informed, ill-advised and wholly ill-conceived judgment…

Think back to the last election, where this very same group of ‘human rights’ or ‘human equality’ or ‘human something-humanity’ advocates were pushing this very same principle; think how at the time this could have been perceived as somewhat of a risky tack, given the recent advent of some fairly outlandish political parties such as the Internet Party or the Mana Party or the Internet Mana party, or something like that.

…Thus if particular people or even particular groups of people comprising New Zealand’s population for whatever reason do not wish to have their say, this is probably for the best…

All that turning otherwise non-voters into voters achieves, is that a whole lot of votes end up being counted from people who don’t really give a damn and who wouldn’t really give a damn even if you gave them a damn at no extra cost, but with opinions that have exactly the same amount of clout as those who are passionately engaged in politics and who if given the chance would steal a Goddamned damn to give.

…These people who consider themselves ‘non-voters’, generally, are either too stupid to know what they want, too uninformed to know any better or simply, they are dissidents with nothing helpful to offer anyway.

Either way New Zealand is surely better off if these people do abstain.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Noah Voot

Photography by Fawder Best

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