Tim Walker’s Stripping

The Chiefs Super Rugby team have avoided legal repercussions following their supposed ‘inappropriate conduct’ towards a hired stripper.

The woman in question, ‘Scarlette’, was paid to attend a private function in honour of the Chiefs, and afterwards alleged that some members of the team had spoken to her crudely, touched her inappropriately and ultimately, had acted improperly.

What I find most shocking about this ordeal is the fact that an attractive young woman wilfully put herself in the company of a team of drunken – and by implication horny – rugby players who likely already feel that their national success effectively elevates them above most other people thus permits them to act in ways that regular folk might consider unruly…

Scarlette is what is known in New Zealand as a ‘sex worker’; because while the act of sexual intercourse might not technically be in her job description, the area to which she caters is undisputedly of a sexual nature.

…Then even from this rather vulnerable position she evidently still found it acceptable to take her clothes off for the team of drunken men and, as per her job description, did what she had to do in order to ‘entertain’ her clients…

Whether a sex worker is paid to indulge in copulation outright, or if her task centres more around the art of sexual seduction and arousal, given that in New Zealand the sex industry now qualifies as a legitimate career choice for those over the age of 18, there is no excuse for any employee of this industry to ever be made to feel degraded or undervalued.

…But perhaps the most shocking aspect, she carried out her task that night without as much as a friend, associate, or indeed a pimp to watch out for her…

Similar to any career in any industry an employee deserves the respect of their clients but in particular, a worker should never be made to feel that their dignity or safety is being called into question.

…Almost as though Scarlette thought the BAD ASS tattoo she bears on three fingers of each hand would make her impervious to men’s indecent advances that night…

As a result a number of Chiefs sponsors are said to have pulled their support, to supposedly distance the brand from this unfortunate incident – as if a company pulling a sports star’s support isn’t just the biggest publicity stunt around.

…Big publicity too, for Scarlette.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Noah Sap-Port

Photography by B Darce Scarlet

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