Tim Walker’s Cathedral III

For whatever monetary value the Christchurch Cathedral was insured, over six years of litigating, procrastinating, decision-making; ultimately time and cost wasting, the church collection plate will surely struggle to cover this shortfall.

Yet – having gradually transitioned from ‘destroyed’ to ‘repairable’, then back to ‘a waste of resources’, before again becoming ‘salvageable’, then being forgotten once more – it seems lobbyists are again pushing for ‘restoration’…

As clearly documented in ‘Tim Walker’s Cathedral II’ – which judging by the frequent use of italics is a rather hotly written piece of scripture – Creationists and bureaucrats have been engaged in discussions/debates/dilatory behaviour regarding the Christchurch Cathedral’s future since its partial, then essential ruination on the mornings of September 4th 2010, then February 22nd 2011 respectively.

…Therefore, lest I repeat myself: simply type in ‘cathedral’ to the Search Box on the right of your screen, click ‘Search’ (or hit ‘Enter’, it really makes no difference), click on the heading ‘Tim Walker’s Cathedral II’, and prepare to have your mind blown by The Idiocy of Man.

Everything written in that – approximately two-year-old – article is still very much pertinent to this most recent Cathedral debate – indicating the issue’s stagnancy – and in fact it touches on some brilliantly valid points – just in case you’d forgotten how insanely farcical this situation had – long ago – become.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Dearie Lacked

Photography by Ed E Fuss


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