Tim Walker’s Thug V

What is so lacking in humanity among New Zealand families that we have groups of children running wild in city streets; terrorising, burglarising, traumatising and pulverising local business owners?

Is the above phenomenon still just an audacious ploy for teenagers seeking the rush of wrongdoing, along with maybe a few packs of cigarettes and a couple of extra dollars in their pockets?

Is it also a fact that the aforementioned criminal act bears ramifications so very miniscule that when caught, the punishment faced by these young perpetrators is still likely to be outweighed by the meagre gains from the undertaking of this offence?

So when did New Zealand parents decide that this generation of millennial child ought to be brought up as the most disrespectful, impudent, apathetic, insensitive, discourteous, impolite, unhappy, incorrigible, unethical, insolent, uncontrollable, impertinent, undisciplined, intolerable, essentially the most recalcitrant generation to date?

Oh I’m sorry, had you not decided that?

Then why have you allowed it to be so?

Why, as the parents of these reprobates, have you neglected your most basic of parenting duties, thereby enabling your offspring to become the most loathsome, the most vulgar, the most reviled and abhorrent of juvenile thugs?

Why have you allowed your beautiful progeny to mix with a grotesque clique of cretinous dropkicks, to engage in the most despicable of crimes and often to demonstrate a level of brutality that would cause even the soulless facade of a psychopath to cringe?

If your answer is along the lines of – ‘Oh but I had no idea raising kids would be so much work…’, ‘It’s not my fault, it’s society…’, ‘Yes but with outside influences today I just can’t control them anymore…’, ‘It’s not my fault, it’s the Internet’, or the classic, ‘Bringing up kids wasn’t supposed to be this hard…’ – then why the bloody hell did you have children at all?

Can you not see that there are so many parents in New Zealand today who, like you, are totally unequipped to deal with the rigours, the unspoken and unsigned but certainly the implied contracts into which two people enter on the mere conception of a child?

Does it not bother you that this generation of youthful thugs which you and others like you are breeding, is leaving a permanent smirch, an immovable tarnish on the once peaceful, also progressively multicultural, landscape that is New Zealand?

Do you not find this inhumane treatment of – particularly Indian – dairy owners, at the hands of your children, unforgivable?

Do you not agree that to beat and to break a man beyond recognition then to leave him to die on the floor of his own shop – often after he has migrated to New Zealand seeking a better life for his family and where he has then been working long, arduous hours just to turn sufficient profit so that his children can experience the bountiful liberties offered by a first-world education system – is utterly reprehensible, unconscionable, and just a little ironic?

Do you agree furthermore that the sentences passed down by courtroom judges to minors in these cases, are so Goddamned feeble that they border on laughable?

Can’t you see that when your children attack a hardworking Indian dairy owner and leave him incapacitated, how he then – probably for the first time since bringing his family to New Zealand – must apply for workers’ compensation thus go from playing a vital role in our workforce, where his business will have been paying the taxes from which – either through DPB or basic dole payments – after an adolescence spent avoiding school your children likely plan to benefit, to being Government funded himself meaning that the actions of your children now become damaging to the dairy owner, to New Zealand society, and to themselves?

Do you understand though that because there is such little deterrent – in fact there is almost encouragement – for minors to commit this variety of crime, it’s your children who are being convinced to do it given that the repercussions, upon these minors’ inevitable indictment, are so very inconsequential?

Do you think that we, as New Zealand citizens, should be forced to endure your children’s continued spate of deplorable behaviour just because you, as parents, are so abjectly failing in your duties?

Do you think that’s fair?



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Ria Kelsey Trunt

Photography by Joo V Nihal





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