Tim Walker’s Prisoner

Paremoremo prison malcontent Arthur Taylor is at it again, this time lobbying to bring the Power of the Vote to New Zealand’s incarcerated.

It is generally understood that if a person commits an act deemed by society to be ‘unlawful’, society must then do its best to remove that person from society – say, by sending that person to prison – primarily based on that person’s refusal to conform to the laws, the rules and regulations set by that society…

Arthur Taylor is someone who does not typically conform to our established ‘rules of society’ – who, on account of his ability to constantly find fault with, thus bring lawsuits upon, the system under which he is currently being held at our Government’s (taxpayer’s) expense, must be the most costly prisoner New Zealand Corrections has ever entertained – and is someone who is doing his ongoing best to cost the taxpayer still more money by dragging through the judicial system yet another of his ‘jailhouse grievances’.

…Through a person’s decision to not conform to the laws, the rules and regulations of an established society, obviously, implicitly, that person has accepted that they must forego many of the rights otherwise promoted by their – now ostensibly rejected – ‘society’…

60-year-old Taylor has for 38 of the past 40 years been a guest of Paremoremo, where he has for the duration of his stay been causing his outspoken, loutishly ignorant yet pretentiously intellectual, variety of domestic unrest; all the while wasting Corrections’ and Government time and money which, while neither were rightfully his to waste in the first place as a democracy of the New Zealand Government, Paremoremo Correctional Facility is beholden to provide.

…Arthur Taylor happens to be one such, supposedly free-thinking, quintessentially idealistic sophist who, as a result of his lifetime dedicated to establishment-spurning, ill-conformity and downright lawlessness, has spent the majority of his adulthood under incarceration, where his most recent source of upset is regarding his fellow prisoners’ right to vote while in prison…

Renowned with some kind of misguided affection as the ‘Jailhouse Lawyer’, the extent of Mr Taylor’s consumption of Police resources spans 152 convictions including bank robbery, burglary, fraud, and drugs charges – that’s without taking into account the twelve occasions he has escaped Police custody (more recently finding freedom alongside double-murderer Graham Burton) hence the additional costs incurred throughout each of those recaptures – surely painting this slimy cretin as one of New Zealand’s greatest liabilities.

…When did someone decide that jailed prisoners – with all their ‘lack of concern for society’, with their inexplicable ‘will to devastate and destroy life’, with their astonishing ‘deficits in empathy’, with their totally ‘self-centred and self-serving demeanours’, with their weak, selfish and utterly gutless ‘compulsion above any and all else for self-preservation’ – when did someone decide that these deplorable urchins ought to have the same benefits and liberties; the same rights as the nation’s law-abiding?…

Arthur Taylor is without question New Zealand Corrections’ single biggest consumer of resources – while not officially documented the total financial cost of accommodating/subduing/pandering to this creature’s demands must reach well into the tens of millions – yet this travesty of a citizen only ever demands more from his homeland.

…The Vote in New Zealand’s democracy is a privilege which has been set essentially by our people, in order to ultimately benefit the good folk comprising our society…

He has already taken so much from New Zealand society – he has outright exploited, and is in the process of further exploiting, our nation’s system of democracy – also indirectly the people who make our society great; certainly the only thing Arthur Taylor now deserves is less of our time and indeed, much less of our attention.

…Failure to recognise, to uphold the basis of New Zealand society is to relinquish the right to be a part of, to elect who stands for, or to make any decision about, that society.

Assuredly, the only thing Arthur Taylor, anyone surrounding Arthur Taylor, or anyone sharing Arthur Taylor’s views, deserves, is less.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by A R Seoul

Photography by Paul Yer Heading



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