Tim Walker Pissed on Pistorious

I’m sorry, I just don’t think it’s right that a man should be able to kill a woman then avoid consequences by oozing out the nearest loophole.

            Furthermore to this hypothetical, imagine the man is a tall, dark, handsome athlete of Olympic standards; imagine the woman is a world renowned sweetheart, model and Cover Girl. Now imagine the pair has been romantically involved for around four months; then imagine that one night the man shoots the woman multiple times through a closed door.

What if, in the ensuing court case this 27-year-old man appeared genuinely remorseful, managing tears and even forcible vomiting at the sight of his now deceased 29-year-old girlfriend – would that engender your compassion, your sympathy, your sorrow…

Or would it not?

Personally, the situation smacks of gutlessness, shamefulness, recklessness, impulsiveness, and a whole butt-load of enmity – likely fuelled by petulance stemming from this sociopath’s inherent narcissism.

You see, I don’t believe Mr Pistorious mistook any identities that night. His defence want us to believe that he fired multiple rounds into a door with the understanding that it shielded an intruder. This was based primarily on noises coming from inside that room; also the fact that home invasions in Pretoria are relatively common.

Seemingly it slipped his mind that he shared a house with his girlfriend. In the moments after squeezing off that succession of rounds however, seemingly, Mr Pistorious has realised his folly – seemingly the fallen figure behind the bathroom door is not a murderous criminal at all but his very own girlfriend – where he’s bashed in the locked door with a cricket bat then seemingly overcome with shock and of course grief at having killed his very own girlfriend, he has immediately contacted the South African authorities.

Now who’s the murderous criminal?

Both parties resided in South Africa, both parties famous in their own right; one party no longer living at all. Reeva Steenkamp was a stunner. She was the sweetheart, the pride of her nation. Reckon Oscar Pistorious was pretty well liked, too. That said, I have to wonder about his nation’s current feeling towards him – especially after he’s been revealed as a gun-toting lunatic.

Admittedly it’s not uncommon in South Africa for citizens to own weapons for protection, but Mr Pistorious’ penchant for weaponry was quite something else…

Seems all this man needed was a target.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Don Tesmy

Photography by Ima Rifleman

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