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A woman’s idea of her perfect man has evolved significantly over the centuries.

For example, Neanderthal woman’s ideal Neanderthal man was invariably tall (for plucking fruit from those higher branches), robust (for enduring the wrath of constant wolf attacks), athletic (for a better chance of running down tonight’s dinner), broadshouldered (for casting that reassuring silhouette), longl­imbed (for that all-encompassing cuddle), square-jawed (for ease of gender distinction) and h­igh cheekboned (for if gender distinction becomes too clear cut). Nowadays, although women are attracted primarily to those same criteria, there are some subtle differences.

Based on observation, experience; also my being witness to the disintegration of a number of youthful marriages, allow me to introduce what I have coined ‘The Paradox of Women’.

For as long as boys have liked girls, a woman’s initial attraction has largely favoured the laid-back over the attentive; then once that initial attraction has given way to a steady relationship, the woman has done her best to transform her cool, casual and laid-back man into the attentive, compassionate and caring character who she’s always dreamed of marrying.

The problem is that when a modern man outwardly portrays an air of indifference, it’s not necessarily exclusive to his exterior – that vein of disinterest can often run the whole way through.

A notable similarity between the male counterparts from each of the aforementioned failed marriages was that all of these men fell into this ‘cool, calm and laid-back’ category. The issue these women soon had is that while this kind of demeanour is extremely desirable during the seduction/courting process, once a single night of passion has matured into what she considers ‘a relationship’, he is beholden to relinquish this laid-back display of dis-interest, and start exhibiting some genuine interest.

From the woman’s perspective: she has fallen for a man predominantly because of his suave exterior; the fact that he projected such coolness, such calmness, the fact that nothing was a problem, the fact he was so laid back, like, he just didn’t care.

From the man’s perspective: whatever, bitches be bitches, plenty more fish in the sea.

From my perspective: if the reason that you were attracted to him in the first place is because he was so laid back and didn’t appear to care about anything, how did you possibly expect that he would always care about you?

In a time where it is unattractive for a single man to openly display emotion, attention, or passion; in a time where the shithead gets the girl while the decent guy walks home by himself, women increasingly appear to be falling for men who will never treat them the way they deserve to be treated.

Women. Those guys you spurn for not acting in the correct manner; the guys you leave behind for showing you too much interest, generally, are the same guys who would have given you the life of which you have always dreamed.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Miss Anne Tropic

Photography by Master Bater

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