Tim Walker’s Misconception

Small feet, eh? You know what they say about men with small feet, don’t you?

Yeah, small slippers.

Alright, what about dudes with small hands then?

Small mittens.

Well there’s no denying this one – how do you explain middle aged men with big, flashy cars?

Those same men with similarly big and flashy bank balances, I guess.

Striving to maintain a ripped physique well into your sixties – overcompensating perhaps?

Sure, with an excess of dedication and self respect.

Come on, clinging to one’s youth even though they’re clearly over the hill..?

Over the hill by whose standards?

Gee, let’s see – maybe life’s.

Interesting, so who decides when a person has crossed that threshold?

How about a little number called age?

Fair enough, so at what age is a person deemed ‘over the hill’?

Try retirement age, smart guy.

Tried it, not buying it.


Certainly not.

What, is 65 years’ old not old enough for you?

In fact it’s plenty old enough for me, but not for some.

What, you mean those sad old buggers who are too pathetic to grow old with dignity?

No, those who don’t feel they’re ready to grow old; therefore don’t.

Right, so they cling to their youth like pathetic old men – just like I said.

No, they simply act, dress and behave, as old as they feel.

Still reckon it’s sad.

Seriously? You think all people should turn ‘old’ at the age of 65..?

Not at, by 65.

What if they still feel vibrant – are they supposed to suppress their natural ebullience?

For the sake of their dignity, yes.

You’re a dick.

Takes one to know one.

Did you just make that up then? That was brilliant.

Ha, joke’s on you, sarcasm and facetiousness are virtually indistinguishable though text.

How old are you?

Same age as you, I suppose.

Right, and we both know that if we make it to 40, we’re going to feel mightily exhausted, yes?

I try not to think about it.

Right, but that’s us, we’ve had a tough life; some haven’t and for that reason, small slippers and mittens driving in their fast sports cars notwithstanding, they’ll likely reach 65 and still feel like they’re 31…

Like us.

Yes, but we are 31.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Tim Walker

Photography by Tim Walker





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