Tim Walker’s Energy Spit II

Following less than agreeable feedback regarding the original Energy Spit, I am beholden to make the following clarifications.

Firstly, no.

At no time did I encourage people to disregard the environment. I was merely claiming that Jared Turner was full of shit and that the shit he was pushing was largely bullshit for the shitty purpose of bolstering our callous, compassionless and indeed faceless energy companies along with their increasingly gargantuan profit margins. Are we clear? Shit.

Secondly, perhaps.

Admittedly when I sat down to write last week’s latter post I was a little tired, rather strung out and very angry. To be fair I had been choking back the aforementioned outburst for some time but then there are times when it just seems that the world is out to screw you, and by ‘world’ I really mean ‘nation’s utilities’; by ‘screw you’ I mean ‘have their filthy way with you’.

Thirdly, come on..?

I thought I made some pretty good points. The majority of my content was meaningful, I toned back the grandiloquence, I feel that I ought to have been commended on the way I avoided generalisations, I wasn’t overtly offensive nor did I harangue Mr Turner personally; ultimately, I reckon it was some of my best, or at least better, work.

Finally, to anybody else who took offence at my thoughts, you can get knotted.

Honestly, you are a dick-bag for taking this kind of shit seriously. It is an opinion. That’s all. Too many people place too much merit on the written word. If it’s not physical it can’t hurt you. Realistically, words mean nothing. This means nothing. The post before this meant nothing. This kind of crap is meaningless. It will change nothing. It doesn’t matter. It has no business upsetting anybody.

Don’t forget, you have the power to turn away.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Stan Dip

Photography by B Coonted

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