Tim Walker’s 2014

Today’s kids are all about this newfangled 21st century but hold up, who remembers the ‘90s? Sure, they were last century but shit man, what a brilliant decade. Reckon 1992 was my favourite year. Some say 1994 was better but I maintain: “Nineteen ninety-two was the best.”

Now we’re in 2014. Twenty fourteen. That’s how it’s always been said. Twenty fourteen. Two numbers, just like nineteen ninety-two; so why do some people seem to think that with a new century comes a new manner of articulating years? Why are these people compelled to spell out the entire number like over-articulate dick-wads – ‘Two-thou-sand-and-four-teen’?

I understand that in that first decade of the 2000s it was preferable to say, ‘Two thousand and three’, rather than, ‘Twenty zero-three’, but now from the middle of the second decade it just sounds daft – ‘Two thousand and fourteen..?’

The current year, twenty fourteen, is fast coming to a close and will soon be succeeded by a new year, twenty fifteen. However, the first idiot who tries to tell me that the New Year is ‘Two thousand and fifteen’, simply, will receive a slapping.

I do hope I have made myself clear and hope furthermore, that everyone has an enjoyable and prosperous TwentyFifteen.

Merry cliché and a hackneyed New Year to you all.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by P Dant

Photography by Daft Punk

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