Tim Walker’s 2015

Tomorrow will mark the commencement of our newest year, 2015…

Are we all pronouncing that correctly – twenty fifteen?

2015 AD is, presumably, two thousand and fifteen years After the Death of the Almighty J Dog. Prior to that, time was measured in BC, so they reckon. Yeah. Couple of issues I take with that.

Firstly, how did a man in 122 BC know that in exactly 122 years a virginal girl was going to get knocked up by a man she’d never met and give birth to a child who 33 years later would supposedly die for our sins? Also, who accounted for those 33 years, and what where they called? For instance, a few days BC Mary and Joseph were preparing for this miraculous birth. 1 day BC they were laid up in some sort of manger. The next day, assuming a speedy labour, was 1 day – what?

It was no longer Before Christ but neither was it After His Death, so, what did they call it? Were those 33 years even recorded, or did time just go from 2 BC to 1 BC, then enter into some sort of limbo period for the next 33 years until His death, where they brought out AD?

I’m just a little perplexed is all, I mean, I think we’ve lost 33 years somewhere. I want to know what happened – where did those years go? We might have busted into the latest millennium back in 1967 and not even known it; alternatively it might still be 18 years away…

I think it’s easier to just be an atheist and believe that death is death.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by A Theo Iztick

Photography by Bliss Feemy

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