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Time Management. What a brilliant ability if you have it. Used properly it can lead to a person’s climbing ladders of respect, competency and the big one, success.

Conversely, poor time management can piss off a lot of people.

Generally speaking I possess adequate time management skills; which is to say, being late for an appointment, or even falling behind on my own clock, causes a great deal of anxiety.

Conversely, some people possess inadequate time management skills; what’s worse, the majority of these people aren’t bothered by their own tardiness. Often they don’t even seem to be put out by the fact that their lateness might be contributing to another’s lateness and that other person’s lateness might be perceived by them to be a significant thing which…

I’m way off track.

The point is that I detest – nay – I despise being late. I honestly cannot handle it. Even if the time of my appearance is not of great importance, if I end up being later than I intend to be, I am reduced to a trembling ball of stress. I don’t mind being early though, so much of the time, to avoid committing this utmost personal transgression, I afford myself a good half hour buffer which…

Shit. Off track again.

The point is that I have fallen into a gay little routine of posting my piece of weekly insight, not unlike the way I’m happily posting this very piece of scintillating perspicacity, every Wednesday. Sometimes I go a little bit nuts with excesses of scintillation and so forth, resulting in more than just a Wednesday post, but do be assured, there is and will always be, a Wednesday post.

Therefore, last week when I found myself stranded on an elongated New Year’s Eve getaway, with Wednesday approaching and my impending post comprising but a few scant lines about a topic with which I very much wished I was more familiar, and me over an hour’s travel from my beloved QWERTY board, I began to panic. I knew that what I had already written was largely bollocks and knew furthermore that even if I did manage to get home by Wednesday, it was going to be a push to squeeze out the required article.

Suffice to say, I take this crap pretty seriously.

With an effort I made it home by midday Wednesday. After quickly tending to the desolate wasteland that, on account of several weeks of unabated heat, had become my property, I sat at my computer and flicked the switch that makes shit happen in my head.

Yeah. To my surprise shit happened pretty readily: in a little over half an hour, including the time it took to delete the existing material, I had churned out a draft of over 500 words.

I was lucky that week. Well, I’m going away again this week and to avoid elevated stress levels this time, I’m going to ensure that this Wednesday’s post is…




Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Thar D Lad

Photography by Celia P Dint

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