Tim Walker’s Concern

Furthermore, the only reason that people of New Zealand allow themselves to become so worked up over the plight of Global Warming, or in fact any other kind of issue over which we have limited control, is because as a nation, simply, we have nothing else.

While other countries suffer genuine issues, predicaments, and plights such as war, famine, or life under a tyrannical dictator, in New Zealand where our biggest hardship has to do with the fact that our Government’s efforts to ensure that its citizens remain free from terrorism encroaches on some people’s lives, we appear to struggle with the comprehension of genuine hardship.

Much of the New Zealand public seem to believe their lives to be of such transcendence that, for example, a simple clerical error from a simple Government Department leading to the simple incorrect mailing of information has been known to cause uproar among the nation’s people. Thanks to the New Zealand media who, on account of residing in a peaceful nation devoid of any major tribulations seldom has much of substance to report, tend to blow things far from any semblance of perspective by taking a minor mishap of the aforementioned nature and dramatising, sensationalising, and often even fantasising facts until the largely innocuous story has become one of an unequivocally sinister tone.

So much of the New Zealand public seem to believe their lives to be of such importance that they feel absolute privacy is vital to their continuation and if that privacy is breached, in the sense that they are perhaps told that someone has the potential to watch over their actions and that one day that someone just might choose to do so, those lives of utmost importance requiring absolute privacy will likely spiral well out of control.

Ultimately, we are a ridiculous people. I truly think that we as a nation need to take a step back, lift our precious little heads high on our slumped and beaten-down shoulders, smell the fresh air surrounding our bodies and just realise that the world doesn’t begin and end with us; we need to stop complaining about trivialities because here in New Zealand, there really is nothing to complain about.

We really do have things pretty damn good.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Oscar T Grouch

Photography by Drama Monger

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