Tim Walker’s Bankrupt

After several years as New Zealand’s most flamboyantly effeminate drug manufacturer, Stargate Operations founder, Matt Bowden, is insolvent.

The man who made millions from the ignorance of wannabe hedonistic Kiwis, is now initiating liquidation, finally accepting that greater NZ doesn’t want his plastic drugs.

This is the same man who, a few years back, despite constant efforts from NZ’s legislative bodies to outlaw the production of his so called ‘legal highs’, claimed that there was an unchallenged market for his product and that he was only giving Kiwis what they wanted.

I think ‘giving Kiwis what they want’ is an interesting way of articulating the act of simply pandering towards a nation’s desire to try the newest product on the market – whatever the consequences may be…

Of the aforementioned ramifications, there were numerous. Our younger NZ population, generally, are easily led; they aren’t known for their forethought, nor do they tend to think a great deal about the results of their actions.

Mr Bowden, all you effectively did, sir, was exploit people who, in many cases, were already morally bankrupt.

Good riddance.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Sue Doe Roch-Starr

Photography by Ban Crypt

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