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First night I showed up I was introduced to a Scotsman, an Irishman, a Japanese man, a Korean man, two Englishmen, one South African man – who was not related to the – one South African woman, just as neither did the American man have any connected lineage with the American woman.

Second night, two nights’ later, I entered the same premises and walked through to the same matted area, to come upon rather a different assortment of people; both the American and the South African women were absent although in their place was another South African man and a teenaged male from Hamilton – New Zealand not Bermuda – and to my chagrin I noticed the chap from Korea had also failed to make it.

Third night, four nights’ after that, Korean Tony is back and when asked if the problem last time related in some part to Kim’s holding him hostage, he laughed, replying, “No Tim, I am from the South of Korea – I think if I was from North Korea, I think Kim wouldn’t allow me out at all.”

Happily, the cute little American vixen, Megan, along with the ostensibly erroneous pronunciation of her name – despite my pleas that on account of the single consonant (g), the preceding vowel sound (e) is elongated thus Meegan rather than the American preference of Meggan, and I should know, I assured her, my mother is a teacher after all, she taught me that stuff when I was still at primary school; where I go on to then further question American pronunciation with regard to the name ‘Craig’, maintaining the ‘i’ after the ’a’ ought to lead to a stretching of the ‘a’ sound thus Crayg rather than Crag…

Megan had returned also.

Perhaps curiously for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, and while I can’t be certain of constituents’ hair removal preferences, there are no South or even Latin Americans on the role. Despite this the level of international interest is quite phenomenal and while I do understand the attraction for the likes of Japanese Shogo – Jiu Jitsu of course being founded by the Japanese – it truly is remarkable to see the way this Brazilian adapted sport has brought together so many disparate nationalities.

We’ll head along tonight and see what the mix is like this time.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by E Cleeck-Tick

Photography by Megan A Fox


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