Tim Walker’s Conservative

Leader of New Zealand’s Conservative party, Colin Craig, has stepped down from his post.

Reportedly party members became ‘unsettled’ after witnessing their leader in a sauna-based interview with David Farrier, co-host of TV3’s new current affairs show, Newsworthy…

The only reason I can see for interviewing a member of parliament in a sauna is to perhaps revel in the joy of watching them sweat, but to expose a known vegan to such conditions – dude, have you ever tasted steamed cabbage?

…So he dignifiedly resigned. Curiously this comes at the same time a number of reputed sportspeople have also re-signed, so I don’t know what’s going on in the nation.

The question now has to be, will it make a difference to his (former) party’s popularity?


Article by Tim Walker

Edited by I Danno

Photography by Gnaw Dwigh

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