Tim Walker’s Race-Card

I am utterly fed up with so called minorities claiming ‘discrimination’, ‘racism’, ‘prejudice’, and the like, when things don’t go their way.

In a recent example of the aforementioned, calamitous upheaval, a man from some foreign country (I don’t give a damn where he’s from) was denied entry to some bar (I don’t care what bar either) for refusing to remove his native turban.

Seemingly manifesting actions dictated by some religious belief (the variety of religion makes no difference), this man, after being refused entry, took his complaint to some higher authority (which particular body is unimportant) claiming he was the victim of racism

Pardon me while I spit.

…Oi, dickhead, they’re not being racist. Places like that usually have dress codes and I’m guessing a patron effectively wearing a mask is somewhat less than compliant of those regulations. I once tried to enter a bar (doesn’t matter which) attired in a singlet, stubbies, and with nothing but tar stains on my feet. That bar wouldn’t have a bar of me, either; or what about the time I was kicked out of a nightclub (which shall remain nameless) for obstinately wearing my ratty old Fedora after being told numerous times to please remove it? Yeah, turns out I should have gone to your people and complained that some small-minded New Zealand institution (I wouldn’t have said which one of course) was discriminating against slovenly white folk.

As anyone can see I don’t even see differences.

In the words of Principal Seymour Skinner: “No one is better than anyone else and everyone is the best at everything.”

The above is an example of a man beaten down by an illogically austere – one might say, ‘typical’ – form of Political Correctness.

Regarding the chap who felt he had the right to wear his country’s native garb wherever and in whatever application he desired while abroad, sir, maybe you’re the one being intolerant. How about some respect towards our traditions, our cultures; our Kiwi race.



Article by Tim Walker

Edited by Al Odds Ackle

Photography by Ray Schism




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